Blockchain Game Info


2018.05.09:Notice of improvement

2018.05.02:Maintenance ended.

2018.05.01:Maintenance will be carried out at 5/2

2018.04.24:I implemented the thumbnail display of the game.

2018.04.18:Maintenance ended.

2018.04.18:Notice of improvement

2018.04.16:Notice of improvement

2018.04.16:Maintenance ended.

2018.04.16:Maintenance notification

2018.04.06:Fixed the problem.

2018.04.05:Sorry to keep you waiting. Maintenance is completed.

2018.03.28:A defect in data display has been restored. We apologize for any inconvenience and we apologize.

2018.03.27:There is a problem with some data. Sorry. Please wait for a while until recovery.