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Contract Servant

The new free blockchain game "Contract Servant" is now available! Let's have a new experience where you can make assets in the game! Game introduction This is a tactical battle game with a formation of character cards called Servants. Servants include Common Servants and Token Servants, and Token Servants are managed on a blockchain. Also, no two token servants have the same parameters, even if they have the same design. Compete against players from around the world in league battles held every Monday, and after a week of competition, you'll be able to compete for the top spot. Get attractive rewards such as Talkancer Vant and gorgeous items! ▼Make an asset with gameplay! Tokenservants earned as League Rewards become your assets as NFTs (Non Substitutability Tokens). You can also exchange your token vant for the crypto asset Ethereum (ETH) by trading between users in the market function! Common Servants cannot be bought and sold in the market, nor can they be transferred to other users.
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