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WOLF - FLOW is a Werewolf game arranged as a card battle game.
Under the supervision of Mr. KAZU SUZUKI, an authority on Werewolf game, we have developed a new style of Werewolf game that can be enjoyed by players from all over the world.
The card battle format is based on the concept of an "interactive sport" to realize communication that transcends language barriers.
Players play against other players from around the world and engage in tension-filled battles by "suspecting" and "believing" their opponents, and by making full use of "preparation" and "extrication".
The game is not only a game, but also includes features for the audience to enjoy. Using the audience function, you can cheer for the players and predict the outcome of the game.

- WLF Token
Purpose of Use / Utility.
Voting rights for project progress.
Right to purchase items/goods at a discount.
Right to participate in pre-testing/closed events.
In-service betting.
Purchase of in-game items.
Payments to players.
User Generated Contents (UGC) provision rights.
In-game avatar PFP generation rights.
The right to host games within the community.
Participation in special games.
Rights to participate in auctions for player costume production.
Rewards for service development/video production/costume production/game appearances/game hosting, etc.

Title: WOLF - FLOW
Genre : Social deduction game.
Usage fee : -
Compatible devices: Smartphone applications
Release Date : September 2023 Test release
Status : Under development
P2E : Supported
Languages : Multilingual
BlockChain : -
NFT : -
Token : WLF TOKEN (Governance token)
altplus [ Game application development ] ・ [ Sound design [ Sound Design ]
CryptoGames [ Blockchain development ].
FOMALHAUT [ Fashion design ].
Provider/Developer : WLF PROJECT, altplus, CryptoGames
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