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Start at 2022 Q1-Q4 Launch Second Technical Beta NFT Land Sales Token + NFT Staking New Characters + Game Modes Launch Open Beta New Partnerships CWAR Token Burns Deflationary Mechanisms Official Game Release Smart Contract Upgrades Integration to Different Blockchain Networks PvE Grounds with Bosses New Metaverse Implementation


Metarun is the world's first P2E multiplayer mobile runner game with NFT assets: collect NFT Metarunners and compete in the world of Danvig by participating in PvP and PvE game modes. Defeat your opponents in Multiplayer mode, play against the environment in Single Player mode, and earn money playing with high quality graphics.

■Game Overview
The goal of Metarun is to race across the finish line of an obstacle course filled with monsters, traps, and treasures, similar to a traditional runner game. Players have a variety of ways to use their accumulated in-game tokens to upgrade NFT assets such as character weapons, skins, or even pets. All in-game assets are NFT items and can be traded, sold, or purchased in Metarun's NFT marketplace. Players choose one of three character classes: artisan, fighter, or sprinter.
Each class has four main characteristics. These are health, mana, collision damage, and maximum speed. Each character specializes in certain traits and lacks others, so they must be chosen well. Players can harvest tokens through gameplay.

Genre: Action, arcade, runner game
Compatibility: iPhone(Testflight),Android
Usage: Free to Play.
Release date: Open beta release in progress.
Demo version: Available on iOS Testflight
Network: BSC
Distribution platform: Google Play,App Store
NFT: Character, Artifact, Pet
Guild function: -Scholarship
Scholarship: -
Tokens: $MRUN, OPAL in-game currency
Staking: Supported
Lending: Supported
Marketplace: Internal market
IEO : -
IDO : -
Smart Contract Audit : -
Development company: METARUN
Partners: Polygon, x21, poolz ventures, etc.
White paper: https://doc.metarun.game/
email: business@metarun.game
Start at Open Beta Release in progress


BLOCKLORDS is a player-driven MMO grand strategy game set in the Middle Ages. Players choose between NFT heroes-peasants, fighters, or bandits-and contribute to the development of their kingdoms. As their contributions increase, they may have the opportunity to become rulers.
All actions affect the player-owned world and economy in this game.

Players choose one of the NFT characters: farmer, fighter, or bandit. Farmers increase their crops and accumulate wealth. Thieves loot farmers and other assets to increase their wealth. Fighters are paid by the king to protect the peasants from bandits and maintain peace in their territories.
Players who increase their contributions and assets may earn the right to become lords and ladies, a role that includes collecting taxes and resources, paying knights and salaries, and managing and maintaining cities and infrastructure.
Since characters have only a limited lifespan, there is a "Dynasty" system that allows them to pass on their traits and abilities. You can pass on your assets to your children before you die.

Genre: Online, Strategy RPG, MMORPG
Compatibility: PC, Mobile
Usage fee: -$1.00
Release date: Undecided
Demo version:-
P2E: Supported
Scholarship: $
Tokens: $
Staking: Yes
Marketplace: Yes
Network: Immulatable X
Partners: AnimocaBrands and others
Smart Contract Auditing:-.
Provider: MetaKing Studios.
White paper: https://sugar-tithonia-e05.notion.site/BLOCKLORDS-Whitepaper-5fa6f33ad69e42c1ab93d1220c1cdc91
Start at Free heroclaim is now available at BLOCKLOADS WEB site for pre-registration.


AFAR (A Far Away Realm) is an online multiplayer action game that supports GameFi with multiple games that can be played independently of each other.
Game modes include PVP modes such as athletic games where you compete against other users, mining games where you mine resources, and spaceship games where you trade resources. The game is skill-based action game style, but aims to be playable enough to appeal to a wide range of gamers.

AFAR takes place in a distant galaxy, where brave heroes compete in a galactic tournament that rewards the winning AFARian. Planets are located in the center of the universe, where mining games are played and social hubs where users congregate.
There are two types of land on the planet: AFAR Lands and Resource Lands. With gems by mining, blue crystal lands are in limited supply and may be owned by groups or individuals in the near future.
Torus is a huge space ship where AFAR PvP games take place. The torus has the ability to host different levels. Torus uses a social hub teleport pad for pregame and postgame lounging.
PVP games consist of four rounds of four-minute battles consisting of a combination of obstacle courses and shooting elements, with the winner being rewarded.
The marketplace is where the trading and space commerce takes place.

Genre: Online, Action, PVP
Compatibility: PC, MAC, Mobile
Fee: Free
Release date: 2022Q4 alpha release
Demo version: -
P2E: Supported
NFT: Hero, appearance NFT
Scholarship: -
Tokens: $token
Staking: Yes
Marketplace: Yes
Network: Ethereum
Partners: Animoca Brands, Razer Computer, etc.
Smart Contract Auditing:-Developer: Lava Labs, Inc.
Developer: Lava Labs, Inc.
email: support@lavalabs.gg
Light Paper: https://playafar.com/litepaper/index.html
Start at 2022Q4 alpha version released