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Stella Fantasy is a "premium character collectible NFT RPG" featuring fantasy elements and high-quality real-time action combat. More than 20 premium-quality animated characters were developed using the Unreal 4 engine to provide a polished gameplay experience never before seen in any other NFT blockchain game. These characters will be used as a foundation to create and expand the IP, along with an ecosystem that will expand into multi-metaverse platforms.

Genre: Online, 3D, MMO, ARPG
Supported platforms: Windows, smartphones
Release date: December 2023
Demo version: Closed alpha version currently being released
P2E: Supported
NFT: Supported
Token: $STFY
Provider: ringgames inc.
White paper: https://ring-games.gitbook.io/stella-fantasy/introduction/stella-fantasy

Pre Reservation Detail

Start at December 2023
Landing Page https://bsc-marketplace.stellafantasy.io/market/character
Company ringgames inc,
Number of pre-reserved.

1 peoples.

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