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Kyrie & Terra


Kyrie & Terra is a turn-based RPG NFT game based in a fantasy world.
It is a Play and Earn game that strongly reflects Japanese anime, manga, and game culture (ACG).

In order to save Grand Terra from the invasion of the evil Dark Lord, the hero is drawn by a mysterious force and summoned from his mundane life to Grand Terra. You will embark on an adventure with the Celestials of this world. You will be joined by the Celestials, the Guardians who have been given powers by the Twelve Gods, and who possess the power of transcendence.

Genre: Online, RPG, PVP, turn-based
Supported platforms: Web browser, iOS, Android
Usage: -
Release date: 2022Q3 Beta release scheduled
Status:Under development
P2E: Supported
Language: English, Japanese
Network: TCGVerse,Binance Smart Chain
Distribution Platforms:-
NFT: Characters, Items, Land
Guild function : -
Scholarship : -
Tokens: $TRM (utility token), $KNT (governance token)
Staking: Supported
Lending: -
Marketplace: Internal
IEO : -
IDO : -
INO : -
Smart Contract Audit : -
Developer: Center To Seconds.
Partners: SHIN-A, etc.
White Paper: https://kyrieandterra.com/Kyrie_and_Terra_Whitepaper_v1-0.pdf
email: info@kaneten.com

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Start at 2022Q3 Beta release
Company Center To Seconds.
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