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The Fabled


The Fabled is a free-to-play Dark Souls-like action RPG developed with Unreal Engine 5.
Players take control of the Fabled character and progress through levels where portals to the Abyss are opened. Players enter the Abyss to confront enemies, defeat bosses, and obtain loot. The Abyss is a chaotic entity and you enter the Abyss to solve its mysteries; The Fabled, developed with Unreal Engine 5, will have you fighting your way through the various realms of the Abyss to become a more powerful being.

There are two primary modes of gameplay
On-foot mode: players can use various character classes (knight, mage, god, demon) and weapons to specialize in melee, bow and arrow, and magical combat.
Fly Mode: Using a dragon mount, players rain down dragon breath (a giant flamethrower) from the air to defeat their enemies.

Title: The Fabled
Genre: Action RPG, roguelike, PVP
Compatibility : PC
How to use : Free to play
Release Date : Undecided
Status : Alpha version available for Early Access users for PC
P2E : Supported
Language : English
Network: Multi-chain support (Xenum)
Distribution platform: - NFT: Character
NFT: Character
NFT protocol : ERC-721 & 1155
Token : $ABYS (utility token)
Token supply : 600.000.000
GameFi : Staking, Asset Lending
Marketplace : Supported
Provider/Developer : The Fabled
Partners : Polygon Studio, Avalanch Lab, Binance
Wihte Papaer : https://www.canva.com/design/DAFCAslNTis/KcNOH130MKSzoIMOM13_tg/view#1

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