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Lost Archive+ (Lost Archive Plus) is an online card game in which players play against each other by placing various cards on the board.
The game is PlayMining compatible and players can earn DeapCoin by playing. DeapCoins can be exchanged for crystals distributed as rewards for monthly battle point rankings, and the possession of NFTs provides a variety of in-game benefits.

Game System
This is a full-fledged online card game that can be played in the browser, making full use of cards and boards.
In battle, users take turns and win by reducing their opponent's health to zero.
Players create a deck in advance by combining cards of their choice. Mana is consumed when cards are used in battle.
Battle stages are divided by hexes, and players can place cards based on their characteristics and strategies.
... Character
There are three types of cards.
- Minions," which are characters that are placed on the field and have various skills
- Spells" are magic cards with various effects.
- Relics," which are placed on the field and remain in effect until destroyed.
Battle Rules
- The game is won when the opponent's life is reduced to zero.
- Mana is consumed when cards are used.
- Cards can be placed on the field, but cannot be moved.
Story Mode
Players can enjoy battles with NPCs while advancing the story.
Deck sharing system
Players can try out decks designed by other players and share their own decks.

Title: Lost Archive+ (Lost Archive Plus)
Genre : Online card game
Fee : Free
Supported platform: Browser
Release date : Scheduled to be released in the first half of 2023
Status : Under development
P2E : Supported
Language : English, Japanese
Network : PlayMining
Distribution platform : PlayMining
NFT : Cards
Scholarship : Supported
Marketplace : Marketplace
Token : DEAPcoin
Token Market:
Provider/Developer :.
Wihte Papaer:

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Start at May 31, 2023 Release
Company クローバーラボ株式会社

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