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"Treeverse" is a top-down open-world classless MMORPG developed by Endless Clouds. Players begin their adventure in the world of Arboros, a continent surrounded by mystical creatures. The game places a strong emphasis on social activities and cooperative gameplay.

◾️Game Content
・Quests and Exploration: Players can receive quests from NPCs, gradually unraveling the world of Treeverse through designed encounters when they encounter certain places or conditions. Players can also progress their adventure at their own pace, discovering side quests along the way.
・Building and Forging: Players can build their own homes on their land, either opening it up to all adventurers or keeping it private for friends and guild members to visit and play. Players can also gather rare resources to forge unique weapons, which they can trade with other adventurers.
・Cooperation and Combat: Players can find places to battle powerful monsters alone, or they can form groups with teammates to confront more powerful enemies.

・Game Title: Treeverse
・Genre: MMORPG
・Platform: Mobile (with plans to port to PC upon official release)
・Price: Free-to-play
・P2E: Supported
・PVP: Planned for the future (currently, PVE is implemented first)
・NFT: Collectibles
・Developer: Endless Clouds
・Partner: Animoca Brands

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