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The Walking Dead Empires


The Walking Dead Empires screen shot

"The Walking Dead Empires" is a multiplayer survival game utilizing blockchain, set in the perilous world of "The Walking Dead." It is currently under development by Ember Entertainment in collaboration with Gala Games and AMC.
Players are tasked with rebuilding a society that has collapsed due to the emergence of Walkers (zombies). Set in Georgia, the backdrop for the early seasons of the TV show, players will establish their own base, craft weapons, tools, medical supplies, and other survival items, form alliances with other players, and defend against the post-apocalyptic threats of both humans and the undead.

◾️Game Features:

Exploration and Construction for Survival: Players must scavenge for resources and build new homes to survive in this harsh reality.
Hero Cards: Unveil iconic characters from AMC's "The Walking Dead". Each pack contains three hero cards.
Crafting: Crafting is essential for survival. Owning an NFT crafting station grants you the ability to easily create specific in-game items within the TWDE universe.
Combat: Forge weapons and engage in battles for survival or dominance. You must choose whether to protect what's yours or take from others in this anything-goes world.
Land Ownership: Develop your land to provide a safe haven for others to take refuge.
◾️Basic Information:

Game Title: The Walking Dead Empires
Genre: Survival MMORPG
Supported Platforms: PC, Mac
Developer: Ember Entertainment
Status: In Development
Release: 2023
Play-to-Earn: Supported
Token: GALA
Blockchain: Gala
Provider/Developer: Gala Games / AMC / Ember Entertainment

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Start at Release: 2023
Company Ember Entertainment
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