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9Lives Arena


9lives Arena is a competitive online RPG game utilizing blockchain technology. Players study and train their opponents to become the ultimate warrior and challenge them in PvP battles. Victory in "9Lives Arena" is achieved by knowing your enemy's timing and finding the right moment to exceed their expectations.

If you have a total of 9 lives and die on your last life, your character becomes a statue in the arena. All items equipped by the hero will disappear, but those stored in the bank box will persist throughout the account. All blueprints earned are also permanent, as are all previously unlocked spells and abilities. A newly started hero will already have an entire bank of items to choose from.

A cross-platform companion, Ooogy is at the heart of Touchhour's cross-platform experience that combines 9Lives Arena on PC and consoles with the My Ooogy app on mobile (iOS and Android), currently in development. Ooogy works for you, even when you're offline.

Blueprints are crafting recipes that allow players to create an unlimited number of items based on those blueprints.
Limited armor piece and weapon blueprints exist. Some blueprints can only be owned by 49

Title: 9lives Arena
Genre: PvP, online RPG
Supporting platform : PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Mobile
Availability : 29.99 USD
Release date : TBD
Status : Open Alpha Phase 1 2023
- Open Alpha Phase 1 End of March 2023 (Founder Pack required to join)
- Open Alpha Phase 2 August, 2023
P2E: Supported
NFT : Skins, items, craft items
Languages : English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese/Brazilian, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Distribution platforms : HOME Verse, Enjin
Token :- Enjin
Marketplace :ENJINX Marketplace
Developer/Provider :Stargazer LLC.
Partner :Enjin
email to : info@9livesarena.com

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