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ELEMENTAL RAIDERS lets you assemble a team of elemental heroes, create a deck of strategic skills, and defeat your opponents with powerful abilities.Elemental Raiders is a blockchain technology-built, collectible card game and Elemental Raiders is a hero card battler built on blockchain technology, combining the features of a collectible card game with those of a multiplayer RPG.

Unlock legendary heroes from the three elements of water, fire, and nature and give them over 15 unique skills to build the perfect team. Each hero has different characteristics and visuals, allowing you to overwhelm your enemies with endless combinations to become the master of Runaria.

Collect over 135 skills, from Uncommon to Legendary, with unique stats, attributes, and rarities to level up your skills and stand out from your enemies! Skills are the heart of the game and different attributes will determine the outcome of the battle.

PvP Arena Battles
Fight exciting PvP battles against other players to earn trophies and improve your rank. Team composition and skill usage are crucial to victory. Test your skills while receiving rewards such as chests and rune stones!

PvE Raids
Participate in thrilling PvE raids and complete various stages to defeat the evil gods. Each week, more challenging raids will be held, giving you a chance to test your strength. Reach more distant stages and get bigger rewards such as powerful chests and awesome skins!

Play and Earn
Players can experience and be rewarded with all the game's content through a controlled and self-sustaining economy system. Rewards can be earned by leveling up skill cards and participating in tournaments and seasonal rewards.

Genre : Action, RPG
Fee : Free
Compatibility: Win, Mac, Samsung
Release Date : January 26, 2023
Status : In release
P2E : Supported
Languages : English, Spanish
Network : Binance
Distribution platform : Elixir
NFT : Skills
Guild : Supported
Tokens : $GFAL (utility token), $EC (in-game currency)
Partners : Yeild Games, HODL Ventures, etc.
Provider/Developer : GFAL / Games for a Living
Wihte Papaer : https://whitepaper.elementalraiders.com/

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Start at Thursday, January 26, 2023
Company Games for a Living

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