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Search For Animera


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"Search For Animera" is a beautifully graphic AAA Interplanetary MMORPG crafted with Unreal Engine 5. It is composed of cosmic stories of exploration, conquest, colonization of unique planets, new life forms, and vast resources. Humanity has technologically advanced leaps and bounds, beginning to explore a new galaxy called Nubera. Within this galaxy exist five habitable planets where anyone can harness these resources to build an advanced future. According to legend, deep within one of these planets lies a cave that conceals the secret of Animera, a key to unlocking superhuman abilities, eternal life, and abundant resources. It is designed to be true to the principles of decentralization, potential for earnings, and player ownership of NFT assets, all while eliminating the typical drawbacks associated with Web3 projects.

◾️Basic Information:
Game Title: Search For Animera
Genre: Interplanetary MMORPG, Space Shooter Battle Royale
Supported Platforms: Windows
Blockchain: Immutable X
Provider/Developer: Unicorn Labs Ltd
Release Date: December 2023

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Start at 01.12.2023
Company Unicorn Labs Ltd
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