Apeiron is a hybrid blockchain game that combines 3D simulation and card-based action RPG. Players take on the role of a god, promoting the development of planets and controlling characters to battle. The game is divided into a simulation part where the planet is developed and an action part where battles take place, with the story branching depending on how you play and the choices you make. Future plans include cross-marketing the game in card games, animation, and movies.

◾️ Basic Information
Game Title: Apeiron
Genre: Simulation + Action RPG + Rogue
Platform: Windows
Development Status: Demo version (open beta) released
Tokens: $APRS, $ANIMA, $RNGU
Blockchain: Ronin
Developer/Operators: Aither Entertainment Ltd (Taiwan) and Foonie Magus Pte.

Apeiron screen shot




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Vol/day Vol/7day this month this month's ARPPU
Volume 0 0 330.02 0
Transaction 0 0 3781


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0 0 0 0


TotalPlayer MostExpensive MostPaidUser Balance
15444 3262.45 0 0

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1 2024/03/10 3824.86
2 2024/03/06 1214.18
3 2024/02/29 1055.83
4 2024/03/04 703.05
5 2024/03/09 680.64

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1 2024/03/01 9888
2 2023/12/08 2034
3 2023/12/09 1859
4 2023/12/06 1774
5 2023/12/07 1074

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