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Off The Grid

Game Overview
'Off The Grid' is a next-generation battle royale game with a cyberpunk theme, developed by Gunzilla Games. The game features an open-world island where players compete against each other while progressing through a story, and it is expected to deliver high quality as an AAA title. Additionally, the game utilizes blockchain technology, treating certain in-game items as NFTs and allowing for player-to-player exchanges.
Game Content
Players participate in a 150-person battle royale mode, fighting against other players on a tropical island. The game offers a 60-hour narrative-driven campaign set in a cyberpunk future world. As the game progresses, players must employ various tactics and strategies to survive.

A new form of gameplay that combines battle royale with a story
An item trading system utilizing NFTs
High-quality graphics and real-time environmental interactions

Basic Information

Game Title: Off The Grid
Genre: Battle Royale / Shooter
Supported Devices: PC, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5
Price: Free-to-play
Development Status: Scheduled for release in early 2024
P2E: Supported
Blockchain: Avalanche
Token: GUN token
NFT: Available (optional)
Developer: Gunzilla Games
Whitepaper URL: Not specifically mentioned

Off The Grid screen shot