CRYOWAR is a full-scale NFT game developed using Unreal Engine and the Solana network, offering a real-time multiplayer PVP arena experience. It merges the traditional gaming experience with the advantages of blockchain technology, incorporating elements such as DAO voting, NFTs, and decentralized finance (DeFi) into its framework. The game features an integrated economic system that combines gameplay and staking with deflationary mechanisms.

In CRYOWAR, players engage in fierce battles over resources, territory, and ultimately, world domination, set in a unique world that blends science fiction with medieval elements. Players are given the chance to defend their realms while earning rewards, making it a game that combines traditional PvP gameplay with blockchain technology's characteristics like decentralized governance through DAO/DAC, NFTs, and DeFi features. All participants can earn rewards and stake them within a decentralized environment.


Cross-Platform Multiplayer: Developed for PC, iOS, and Android, enabling cross-platform multiplayer gameplay.
8 Unique Characters: The game features powerful heroes, each with different playstyles, skills, and stories.
Skill-Based Gameplay: No in-game store purchases provide competitive advantages, emphasizing skill as the key to ranking up.
Short Sessions: Battles are designed to be quick, lasting 3 minutes or less, allowing for engaging gameplay anytime, anywhere.

◾️Basic Information

Game Title: CRYOWAR
Genre: Multiplayer PVP Arena NFT Game
Compatibility: PC, iOS, Android
Price: Free-to-play
Development Status: Under development ・P2E: Available
P2E: Players can earn rewards by playing the game
Blockchain: Solana
Tokens: CWAR
NFT: Yes
Provider/Developer: NAKM Corp

CRYOWAR screen shot


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