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Nitro Nation World Tour


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"Nitro Nation: World Tour" is a mobile racing game themed around a drag race festival, co-developed by Mythical and Creative Mobile. Players can own, purchase, sell, and trade car NFTs. The game features several modes, including a campaign mode with an immersive story and impressive characters, challenges & trials, PvP races, ghost races, duels (real-time races), tournaments, seasons, and events.

■Game Title: Nitro Nation: World Tour
■Genre: Drag Race Festival, Racing
■Platform: Mobile
■Price: Free to play
■Status: Scheduled for release in 2023
■P2E: Supported
■Network: Mythical Platform
■Tokens: Nitro Coin, Gear Coin
■Guild: Functions as a social club, with features like NFT rentals
■NFT: Car NFTs
■Provider/Developer: Mythical / Creative Mobile
■Support:Andreesen Horowitz, OneTeam Partners, LLC, etc.
■Whitepaper: https://mythical.gitbook.io/nitro-nation-world-tour-white-paper/

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Company Mythical, Inc.

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