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"Aptos Arena" is a top-down shooter game that operates on the Aptos blockchain. This game is designed to be easy to learn and accessible for everyone to participate in. Players enter the arena, acquire weapons, and battle against other players. Each time an enemy is defeated, players earn the entry fee of that opponent. The game has no time limits or defined start and end, providing non-stop action-packed fun. Players can choose to re-enter a new game or return to the lobby when they are defeated.

◾️ Game Content
The gameplay starts with players selecting their spawn points on the battlefield at the beginning of each match. Then, they search for weapons and ammunition while engaging in one-on-one battles with other players. The game emphasizes skill over luck, with no time limits or fixed start and end points, allowing players to join the game or return to the lobby at any time. Additionally, players can use NFTs to participate in ranked battles for higher rewards.

◾️ Features
Play-to-Earn Model: Players can earn APT tokens by participating in in-game activities, skill-based challenges, and competitions.
NFT Utility: NFT holders have benefits such as randomly receiving a portion of Mini-Arena's profits, and they can specialize in high-risk/high-reward games.
Skill-Based Shooting: All players have equal opportunities to earn revenue, and the game is based on skill.

◾️ Basic Information
Game Title: Aptos Arena
Genre: Top-Down Shooter
Compatibility: Web browser (PC compatible, currently not compatible with mobile)
Price: Playable for 0.02 APT (Petra Wallet required)
Development Status: Available
P2E: Yes
Blockchain: Aptos
Tokens: APT Token
NFT: Available

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