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Prompt Monsters


Prompt Monsters is a casual blockchain game that anyone can play easily, utilizing AI as the game engine and allowing users to fight with the strongest monsters they can think of.

How to play
1. Enter the characteristics of the monster you think is the strongest.
2、Based on the entered characteristics, the monster's status is generated and the monster can be made to fight against other monsters.
3, Pay 50 MCHC to convert this monster to NFT.
Once converted to NFT, the monster's battle record can be saved and it can participate in campaigns.
4, Rewards will be given based on the results of the matches during the event.

Three features of Prompt Monsters
1、Automatic AI generation of the one and only monster based on the monster's characteristics
2、Full on-chain dynamic NFT of monsters
3、Monster NFTs compete against each other online, and battle results are also automatically generated by AI.

Additional functions to be added in the future
1、Automatic generation of monster images from monster NFT information
2、Monster cultivation and fusion
3、Improved strategy
4、Leaderboard function and automatic token reward

Game Information
Title: Prompt Monsters
Genre : Casual, AI-generated character battle
Charge :Free of charge
Compatibility: Web browser
Release Date : May 01, 2023
Status : Released
P2E : -
Language : Japanese, English
Blockchain : MCH Verse
Token : OAS,MCHC
NFT : Monster
Developer/Povider : XYLOCOPA Corporation, AIHUB Corporation

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