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Phantom of Kill - Alternative Imitation


"Phantom of Kill - Alternative Imitation" is a new blockchain game that utilizes the world and characters of the mobile game "Phantom of Kill". In this game, you can cultivate the Kill Princesses that appeared in "Phantom of Kill", carefully considering their status and skills to raise your own unique Kill Princess. Furthermore, as a unique experience of blockchain games, it is possible to take the cultivated Kill Princesses out of the game by turning them into NFTs, and to acquire cryptocurrency through GameFi elements.

*PV is for "Phantom of Kill".

■Game Title: "Phantom of Kill - Alternative Imitation"
■Genre: Training Simulation
■Supported Devices: Windows, iOS, Android
■Release: Scheduled for 2023
■Price: Free to play (with in-app purchases)
■Supported Languages: Japanese/English (planned)
■Status: Under development
■P2E: Supported
■Network: Polygon
■Token: Unknown
■NFT: Character NFT
■Provider/Developer: gumi Inc.

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Company gumi Inc.

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