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BouncyBunny screen shot

BouncyBunny" is a multi-action game offered on the PlayMining platform. The game offers an exhilarating gaming experience in which spherical characters move freely around the stage and enjoy real-time 3-on-3 battles. Players control their characters and use a variety of strategies and skills to win the battle.

◾️ Features
3-on-3 real-time matchups
Free movement by spherical characters
Exhilarating gameplay

◾️Basic Information
Game Title: BouncyBunny
Genre: Multi-action game
Platform: PlayMining
Language: Japanese, English
Price: Free for basic play (with item charges in DEAPcoin)
Release: Scheduled for release this winter
Compatibility: iOS (iPhone 7 or later, iOS11 or later), Android (Android 5.0 or later), PC (Windows 10 or later, MacOS v10.15 Catalina or later)
Recommended browsers: Chrome, Safari

Pre Reservation Detail

Start at this winter
Landing Page https://daa.playmining.com/market?gameTitles=cl2135fe8776a34fb084e1ba02&page=1
Company Trys Inc.

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