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"ClashRow" is a strategy simulation game focused on raiding other players' camps in real-time, building bases, and fostering development. Set in a magical world, users can develop their bases and nurture units and hero characters.

◼️Game Overview
Heroes and Minions: The primary gameplay mechanism involves battling using each hero character and minion, constructing and upgrading base buildings to secure resources, and plundering more resources from enemies to become stronger.
Buildings: Users can employ a more diverse and unique gameplay style through various gameplay modes. Moreover, most of these contents can be executed through in-game items, with only those related to hero characters being executed as blockchain assets.
Combat: Users can start from their small fortress, own more powerful hero characters and units, and build a stronger base to survive by executing their tactics and strategies.

◼️Basic Information
・Game Title: ClashRow
・Genre: Strategy Simulation
・Compatible Devices: Mobile (Android)
・Price: Free-to-Play
・P2E: Supported
・Blockchain: NEAR
・Platform: SKYPlay
・Token: CRTL (Utility)
・Provider/Developer: Skyplay

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