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Illuvium: Overworld


Illuvium: Overworld screen shot

Illuvium: Overworld is the second of three games set in the world of Illuvium. As a ranger in a realm where a spaceship has crash-landed, you mine resources and gather materials for crafting assets. You can also discover, track, and capture over 100 Illuvials, each with unique abilities, which can be used in other game modes.

- Title: Illuvium: Overworld
- Genre: Open World, RPG
- Price: Free to play
- Platforms: Windows, Mac
- Release Date: TBA
- Status: Beta version currently available
- Play to Earn: Supported
- Language: English
- Blockchain: Immutable X
- Distribution Platform: Immutable
- NFT: Cosmetic NFTs
- Token: $ILV
- Provider/Developer: Illuvium Labs
- Whitepaper: https://www.docs.illuvium.io/

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Start at Official release undecided. Beta version available.
Company Illuvium Labs Pty Ltd,

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