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"Climbers" is a metaverse game that features a prize-winning battle royale race. It aims to resolve the issues of "sustainability of the economic sphere", "low quality", and "boredom" that are prevalent in existing blockchain games.

Game Details:

Compete towards the goal on a 3D stage.
Win through 3 rounds. The number of people who can proceed to the next round is determined for each round.
Through a feature called "Stage Edit", players can create their own stages.

■Game Title: Climbers
■Genre: Battle Royale Race, Playable Metaverse
■Compatible Devices: Smartphones
■Status: Scheduled for release in Q2 2023
■P2E: Supported
■Network: Polygon
■Token: $MITHRIL (Governance Token)
■NFT: Game stages, character medals
■Provider/Developer: Platinum Egg Inc.
■Whitepaper: https://platinum-egg-inc.gitbook.io/climbers/

Pre Reservation Detail

Start at 2023Q2
Company platinum egg inc.

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