SERAPH: In the Darkness

"SERAPH: In the Darkness" is a Loot Game developed by a subsidiary of Actoz, incorporating the characteristics of blockchain while emphasizing the fun of gameplay and NFT loot. Set in a medieval fantasy world depicted in a dark art style, players can participate in quests to discover treasures and build unique equipment.

・Equipment System
Players can find various equipment within the game. These pieces of equipment not only enhance the player's combat capabilities but also allow for visual customization.

Items within the game are represented as NFTs, and players can freely buy and sell these items. This enables players to potentially gain actual profits by playing the game.

Players can participate in the game's governance, influencing the future direction of the game.

・Game Title: SERAPH: In the Darkness
・Genre: Loot Game, Action RPG
・Platform: PC
・Price: Free-to-play
・Status: Beta Test
・P2E: Supported
・Network: BNB Chain
・Token: $SRF
・NFT: In-game loot
・Provider/Developer: Actoz

SERAPH: In the Darkness screen shot


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