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Rogue Roll Ruler's


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"Rogue Roll Ruler's" is a Sugoroku RPG game developed by Cross Games Inc., where players aim to acquire treasures in a dungeon-based setting as quickly as possible. The game is offered on the GameFi platform "PlayMining", operated by Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (DEA).

■Game Content
"Rogue Roll Ruler's" is a dungeon exploration RPG where players advance using dice. Players can defeat monsters with their unique companions (adventurers) and use the effects of various squares along the way to progress efficiently, allowing them to acquire DEP and rare equipment. The game uses three types of NFTs (Adventurer NFT, Equipment NFT, Monster NFT) to advance the adventure.

・Game Title: Rogue Roll Ruler's
・Genre: Dungeon Exploration RPG
・Price: Free to Play
・Languages: Japanese, English
・Launch Scheduled: September 2023
・NFT Presale: August 2023
・P2E: Supported
・Platform: PlayMining
・Token: DEAPcoin (DEP)
・NFT: Adventurer NFT, Equipment NFT, Monster NFT
・Provider/Developer: Cross Games Inc.

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Start at 14 September 2023
Company Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd.

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