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Eternal Paradox


"Eternal Paradox" is a new fusion of RPG and 4X, developed by Ndream. By developing your own land, training mercenaries, and facing the challenges of your opponents, this new hybrid 4X/RPG unfolds grand adventures and large-scale battles.

#Game Content
・Grand Exploration and Adventure
In this new hybrid 4X/RPG, grand adventures and large-scale battles unfold. Develop your own land, train mercenaries, and face the challenges of your opponents.
・The Ring of Ruin
"When the Ring stops revolving, the continent will face destruction." Fight to occupy The Ring of Ruin, gaining wealth and the power to control the future of the entire continent.
・Own and Control Your Land!
Develop and improve your land to attract other players. Your wealth will grow with each resource gained by your tenants throughout your Land.

▪️Basic Information
・Game Title: Eternal Paradox
・Genre: 4x, Turn-Based RPG
・Release Date:
・Platform: PC/Mobile
・Status: In Development
・Token: GALA
・Provider/Developer: GALA GAMES / Ndream

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