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My Crypto Saga

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Start at: Premium beta to be held

Number of pre-reserved.:26 peoples.

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Game Description

double jump.tokyo's new mind card game, "My Crypto Saga (My Saga)
My Crypto Saga" is a mind card game where you can enjoy real time battles with 2 to 4 players.
10 "Kami Card" are organized, and you can beat your rivals with the power of strategy, skill and luck. Let's go!
The Kami-Power (KP) you gain by winning battles will turn your Kami-Card into "Shin-Card" with special abilities!
Kami-Card can be freely traded between users.

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Pre Reservation

Pre Reservation Detail

Start at Premium beta to be held
Landing Page https://www.mycryptosaga.net
Company double jump.tokyo Inc.
Number of pre-reserved.

26 peoples.

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