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Start at: Release : August 8, 2020 13:00 pm (JST)/ Release Postponed

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Category RPG Status waiting for release

Game Description

The theme of this game is "martial arts and beautiful girls", a blockchain RPG that allows players to experience fierce battles. Players train fighters with various characteristics to achieve their dreams of "the top" together. The Chase. The film follows the fighters as they grow through the martial arts, and the fighters' NFT assets by crossing the narrative and blockchain gaming ecosystem. The company is creating new value in the
The game is being developed and operated with the support of "MCH+", a development support program that leverages the technology and know-how of "My Crypto Heroes", the world's number one blockchain game in terms of transactions.

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Release Commemorative Campaign

If you purchase KOI, the in-game currency, during this period, you can increase the amount by 20%.

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Start at Release : August 8, 2020 13:00 pm (JST)/ Release Postponed
Landing Page https://chojo-cga.com/
Company SEVENTAGE Inc.
Number of pre-reserved.

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