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NFT Wars


NFT Wars, formerly known as TCGVerse is a blockchain game that allows NFTs from projects selected in a whitelist format to be used as cards on NFT Wars. The developer, CryptoGames, operates a blockchain game called CryptoSpells, and this new project will utilize the know-how gained from that game.
By returning a portion of Play to Earn rewards to the creators, CryptoGames aims to establish a new revenue model other than support through trading.
2Q 2022 NFT Wars service launch
2Q 2022 NFT Wars beta launch Transfer of CryptoSpells governance voting to TCGC
3Q 2022 Launch NFT Wars whitelist addition project governance voting
4Q 2022 Introduction of NFT enhancements

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Start at 2023/06/25
Company CryptoGames.inc

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