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ELF Masters


Elf Masters is a fantasy adventure BCG played by spirit elves and their masters.
The game clearly states "Play to Earn" where tokens are earned by playing the game, and there are plans to implement a scholarship where players can rent out NFTs to earn tokens.
The master's NFT sale has already taken place and sold out immediately, attracting a lot of attention.

Genre: Fantasy adventure-type Play to Earn blockchain game
Platform: Android/iPhone (Chrome/Safari recommended)
Chain: Palette BlockChain
P2E: Supported
Token: $ELF
White paper: https://elfmasters.com/pdf/WhitePaper.pdf

Pre Reservation Detail

Start at September 16, 2022
Landing Page https://pltplace.io/
Company HashPort Co., Ltd. HashPalette Co., Ltd.
Number of pre-reserved.

1 peoples.

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