- CyberTitans is a strategy game in the autobattler genre in which eight online players team up to fight to be last, combining their unique titans in a playing field of 64 squares (32 for each player).

- Game Description
CyberTitans is a blockchain technology-based strategy game developed and published by LitLab Games. 8 online players team up to battle it out in an auto-battler game, combining their unique titans in a 64-square arena (32 squares for each player). The game requires players to create clever synergies, develop strategies, and instantly adapt to the situation.
- Game Modes
CyberTitans offers three main game modes.
Quick Game" is a 20-minute game for eight online players, with cash prizes for the top three finishers.
In "Tournaments," eight players play against each other, with the top four advancing to the next round and the last player standing being the winner. There are hefty rewards for winning.
There are also "Challenger Tournaments," which players can participate in by paying an entry fee or by using CTTs earned from Quick Games and Tournaments.
Title: CyberTitans
Genre : Auto-battle, PVP
Fee : Free
Compatibility: Win, Mac
Release Date : April 03, 2023
Status : Beta, in release
P2E : Supported
Language : English
Network : BNB Binance Smart Chain, LitLab Blockchain
Distribution platform : Elixir
NFT : -
Token : $LITT Token
Partners : Chainlink, BNB chain, Elixer, etc.
Provider/Developer : LitLab Games
Wihte Papaer :

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