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Uldor is an MMORPG set in a fantasy world, compatible with blockchain, where you can explore a vast open world, embark on grand quests to defeat monsters, and participate in large-scale PvP battles. It supports UnrealEnjin5, allowing you to embark on adventures in a vast and diverse world with beautiful visuals.

Game Modes
In the dungeons, there is typically one or more bosses, and you can fight various mobs as you progress. Dungeon bosses may provide unique loot and achievements.
・World Bosses
There are world bosses within the world.

Instead of fixed classes, players can customize their character's abilities using a talent system, creating their own custom class. For example, if you want to specialize in a tank (warrior/defensive class), you can train tank-specific abilities like plate armor and taunt.

Companion Pets
Players can collect companion pets in the game to support them. Pets will follow players around the world and can be checked on the player's profile. There are also rare pets in the game.

■Title: Uldor
■Genre: PvP, MMORPG
■Usage Fee: Free-to-play
■Supported Devices: PC
■Release Date: Open world launch in Q4 2024
■Status: Pre-Alpha Version
■P2E: Supported
■Language: English
■Blockchain: Ethereum
■Token: $RUNI (With a maximum supply of 100,000,000 planned)
■Crafting: You can create NFT items. The items that can be crafted are determined by the occupation.
■NFT: Characters (ERC-721)
■External Market: Unknown
■Partners: Immutable X, SoluLab, Otonomos, Elixer
■Developer/Provider: Max Level Studio
■White paper: https://docs.uldor.com/uldor-shattered-glory/welcome-to-uldor

Pre Reservation Detail

Start at 2023年Q1 Dread Arena launch (pre-alpha)
Company Max Level Studios.

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