Crypto Catch! Fishing★Star

◾️Game Summary
“Crypto Catch! Fishing★Star” is a blockchain fishing simulation game provided by BLRD PTE.LTD., a subsidiary of the GREE Group. Players use fishing rods to catch fish and trade them as NFTs.

◾️Game Content
Players enjoy fishing experiences in virtual fishing spots. Fishing rods can be traded as NFTs on the marketplace.

Diverse Fish Species: Various rarity fish appear.
NFT Marketplace: Trade fishing gear.

◾️Basic Information
Game Title: Crypto Catch! Fishing★Star
Genre: Fishing Simulation
Compatibility: Mobile, PC
Price: Free (in-app purchases available)
Development Status: Released
P2E: Available
Blockchain: Sui
Tokens: Sui
NFTs: Fishing rods
Provider/Developer: BLRD PTE.LTD.

Crypto Catch! Fishing★Star screen shot


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