MagicCraft is a P2E MOBA running on the Binance smartchain. 16 main characters, each with unique traits, skills, powers and abilities. the world of MagicCraft is designed to evolve over time, becoming more complex MagicCraft's world is designed to evolve and become more complex over time, ultimately leading to a massive multiplayer metaverse experience.

In Ash Valley, devastated after the War of the Minor Gods, the magical defenses of the Seven Pillars have failed, and "MagicCraft" energy is being harnessed for magical power. In order to obtain this Magic Craft, the five main guilds of Ash Valley began to fight each other. They are trying to regain their former power and use Magic Craft to restore their lands.

■Game Content
MagicCraft offers both PvP and PvE. each battle lasts 5 minutes. During this time, players must work together as a group or solo to achieve the mode's objectives and win, while defeating as many enemies as possible. If a player dies in battle, he or she can respawn after 10 seconds.

Upon respawning, the character must return to the starting point of the game and rejoin the battle from there. Players earn points for kills, assists, and completing mini-quests in the arena. The player with the most points on the winning team at the end of the game will be named MVP (Most Valuable Player) and will receive a prize in $MCRT.

There are three main game modes: "Skull Grab," "Capture the Point," and "Escort the Golem. In "Skull Grab," players race around the map and collect as many purple skulls as possible, and the amount collected by the end of the five-minute game counts toward the overall score. Capture the Point" is a classic mode familiar to all shooter fans, where each team must dominate points A, B, and C on the map for as long as possible to collect points. They win by reaching the maximum number of points before their opponents or by scoring more points as time runs out.

In Escort the Golem, the objective is to push this ball into the final point in the opposing team's zone. Players can push the ball by getting inside the ball and moving with it, but the opposing team will try to kill the player in order to control the ball and push it into their zone.

Genre: MOBA, PVP, Action
Compatibility : iOS, Android, PC, MAC
How to use : Free for basic play (with in-service charges)
Release date: TBD
Status : Beta
P2E : Supported
Language : English
Network : Binance Smart Chain.
Distribution platform : polkastarter
NFT: Castles, characters, pets, clothes, skins, weapons, armor, land, etc.
Token : $MCRT (Utility Token)
Marketplace : Internal Market
Provider/Developer : MagicCraft Ltd
Partners : Bybit, DCTcapital,etc.
White Paper :

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