"Brilliantcrypto" is a blockchain game under development by Brilliantcrypto Inc., a subsidiary of Colopl. Players become miners, aiming to mine gems and tokens in the mines. "Proof of Gaming" is a new concept that guarantees the value of digital assets through gameplay. This is a combination of blockchain technology and gameplay, where the activities of players within the game form the value of digital assets, particularly NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

◾️Game Overview
Mining: Take on deep challenges and acquire treasures. Shining gems are waiting for you!
Exploration: Traverse the beautiful yet mysterious mountains of Brilliantcrypto.
Equipment: You need equipment to challenge the mines. Don't forget your dynamite!
Brilliantstones: These shining stones mined from the mountains can be exchanged for tokens.
Pickaxes (NFT): You need a pickaxe to mine gems. Rent as a scholar or purchase in the market.
Gemstones (NFT): The ultimate prize. Quality, carat weight, cut style, and tone determine the value of the stone.

◾️Basic Information
・Game Title: Brilliantcrypto
・Genre: Mining Game
・Compatible Devices: Windows 10/11 (64 bit), macOS 11 Big Sur
・Price: Purchase of Pickaxe NFT required.
・Status: Closed β test in progress
・Release: 2024Q1
・P2E: Supported
・Network: Polygon
・Token: - (IEO planned)
・NFT: Gems (NFT), Pickaxes (NFT)
・Provider/Developer: Brilliantcrypto Inc.
・Whitepaper: -
・Roadmap: 2023Q3: Closed Beta, 2023Q4: Open Beta, 2024Q1: Official Game Release
・Partners: Paris Saint-Germain (Premium Partner), Polygon, Coincheck

■Closed β Application Page

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Volume 0 0 125519.32 0
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1 2024/06/17 172138.59
2 2024/06/18 110497.3
3 2024/07/02 44120.76
4 2024/07/04 29314.58
5 2024/07/01 22345.21

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1 2024/04/10 0
2 2024/06/20 0
3 2024/07/04 0
4 2024/07/03 0
5 2024/07/02 0

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