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Stormrite is an open-world action RPG set in the dark fantasy medieval kingdom of Redreach, and will introduce NFT for decorative items that can be purchased from the Enjin Marketplace*. You begin your journey as a young squire in a small town caught in an ancient war. While learning about the secrets of Stormlight, you will meet a cast of fascinating characters from all walks of life awakening and make alliances along the way as you progress through your adventure.
With a rich character tree that determines how you interact with the environment and its inhabitants, every quest line has multiple endings.


Title: Stormrite
Genre: Action, RPG, open world
Compatibility : Steam, XBOX
Release date : Coming Soon
Status : Under Development
P2E: Not supported
NFT : Skins, items
Language : English
Distribution platform : XBOX, Steam
Token : -
Marketplace :ENJINX Marketplace
Developer/Provider : Kelechi Apakama
Partner :ENJIN

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Start at Aiming to launch the first public build on PC in early 2022 and on Xbox later that year.
Company Kelechi Apakama
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