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Abyss World


Abyss world is a third-person ARPG game based on Unreal Engine 5 and set in the independent Nodinia world. Players explore uncharted territory, searching for traces of the "Old Tide" and the secrets behind it.

Game Overview
The game takes place in Nornidia, a world filled with ancient secrets, where players can explore a vast expanse of land. Players can face the truth hidden in the world and confront threats and evil by completing missions to illuminate lighthouses around the world. Players can also gather ancient souls from different realms, build relationships with them, and learn their stories. The player's actions can then connect and repair the world and create a city of souls. Unlike the traditional quest system, the player's actions and decisions determine the appearance of some areas of the world and many levels. Players can create their own epic story.

Title: Abyss world
Genre : Third Person, ARPG
Features: :.
Compatibility: PC, PS5
Release date : Undecided
Status : Under development
P2E : Supported
Language : English
Blockchain :Sui Network
Tokens : $AWT (Governance token) $MGC (In-game token)
Crafting system : NFT items can be crafted
NFT : Item
Developer : Abyss Studio
Company : Abyss Studio / Metagame Industries

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