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Engines of Fury


Engines of Fury is a P2E competitive game with various types of arenas, champions, bosses, and quest modes in a retro-futuristic world, where you unlock new abilities and titanium schematics (recipes) and fight in PVP and PVE modes It is.
You can earn $FURY tokens as in-game rewards. You can also craft NFTs using materials obtained in the game.

Genre: Online, PVP, PVE
Supported platforms: Browser, Mobile
Release date: Public beta 1 scheduled for 2022
Demo version: -
P2E: Supported
NFT: Item NFT, Character NFT
Scalability: -Scalar ship: -Scalar ship: -Salar
Tokens: $FURY
Network: BCS
Partners: animoca BRANDS, etc.
Light paper: https://enginesoffury.gitbook.io/eof/

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Start at Public beta 1 scheduled for 2022
Company Engines of Fury

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