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Legends of Elysium


Legends of Elysium is a Play-And-Earn fantasy card game created as a fusion of a card game and a board game. Battlefield games, and players can earn rewards in League, Adventure, Tournament Mode, PVP, and Battlefield. Battlefield mode is a tournament-style game in which players pay a fee to participate.

- Overview
To start the game, players select a player character, a hero.
There are three types of heroes: human, orc, and dark elf.
There are three types of cards: units, spells, and items.
Twenty-four cards make up one deck. The main feature of this game is that hexes are placed between the opposing camps as an element of the board game, adding an element of strategy to the traditional card game.
The board can also be owned by the user for a fee.

Genre: Online, PVP, fantasy card game, board game
Network: Ethereum
Supported platform: Web
Usage fee: Free of charge
Release date: 2022Q4 beta release
Demo version: -
P2E: Supported
Scholarship: -
Token: $LOE (in-game currency, governance)
Staking: Yes
Marketplace: Yes
Partners: Blockchain Game Alliance, Ari 10
Smart Contract Auditing:- Available
Developer: Prime Bit Games.inc
White paper: https://docsend.com/view/d9zxup8qet98pf67

Pre Reservation Detail

Start at 2022Q4 beta release scheduled
Company Prime Bit Games.inc

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