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PROJECT: CH (Celestial Heaven) is a sci-fi themed P2E MMOSLG. Players take on the role of an interstellar commander, operating fleets and space fortresses, increasing their influence in the game world, trading and fighting with other players on interstellar worlds, and ultimately competing to qualify for the "OASIS." It is compatible with the METAOASIS platform, and players can also earn tokens in the game by Players can also earn tokens by buying and selling crafted items in the game.

Genre: Online, Real-time SLG, MMO, PVP
Compatibility: PC
Use: Free to Play.
Release date: 2023.Q1 Closed beta test
Demo version:-
Network: Avalanch
Distribution platform: MetaOasis
NFT: Spaceship NFT, etc.
Guild function: Supported
Scholarship: Supported
Tokens: $ASA
Staking: Supported
Lending: Supported
Marketplace:- Yes
DAO: Yes
IEO : -
IDO : -
Smart Contract Audit : -
Development Company: ∑Fun Studio
Partners: Houbi Ventures, etc.
Write paper: https://metaoasis-1.gitbook.io/metaoasis/self-developed-project/project-less-than-celestial-heaven-greater-than

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Start at 2023.Q1 Closed beta test
Company ∑Fun Studio
Number of pre-reserved.

1 peoples.

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