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The Beacon


The Beacon is a free-to-play fantasy action roguelite RPG, currently in development.
Players enter a unique dungeon every time, battle monsters, and upgrade their combat prowess and style along the way. Players will need to have good timing and reflexes to defeat the challenges they face in real-time.

There are three modes of play: single-player PvE, co-op PvE, and socializing in an MMO-like world. The game will be available for desktop and in-browser. Through gameplay, players will be able to acquire persistent game assets (implemented using NFT technologies).

Dungeon Expedition: Players will be able to try out the prototype PvE combat system, where they must clear a small dungeon of enemies in a limited amount of time. Players can choose one of three exits to take, each containing a chest with loot rewards.

Tavern Quiz: Players can win rewards by visiting Igor, the tavern drunk, and answering a question that tests their knowledge of the world of The Beacon. Players can earn loot rewards.

Tavern Quiz: Players can win rewards by visiting Igor, the tavern drunk, and answering a question that tests their knowledge of the world of The Beacon. Players can earn loot rewards.

Here are a few reasons why you should join our Discord community:
Exclusive content and events
Connect and collaborate with other passionate players
Influence the development of the game through feedback and ideas
Early access to new updates and features
Showcase creativity by creating and sharing custom-designed houses
Earn rewards and NFTs to enhance gameplay experience

There are two roles that you can obtain:
Settler, which can be obtained by people who hold a Founding Character and Blessed, which can be obtained by people who hold a Generation-0 Pet. To request your role, you must verify your as

Founding Characters
Having a Founding Character grants players several in-game benefits, such as being able to acquire NFTs as rewards when opening chests, item recycling features, and customizing their character with cosmetics. This is in contrast to a free-to-play player, who would not have access to these benefits.

WASD/Arrows to move
Use the cursor to indicate the direction of the attack.
Hold right click for charged attack
Left click for regular attack
Space to dash (control dash direction with the movement keys)

4. A transaction preview will appear in MetaMask asking you to confirm the transaction. Click “Confirm”.
*Withdrawal fees are 0.0006 ETH.*
After confirmation, your item will be made available in your wallet. In the web app inventory view, a blue lock icon will display over the item indicating it is no longer accessible within the game. To make it accessible in-game, you will need to import it back into the game.

Alpha: H2 2023 [Tentative Date]
An Alpha is a game that is playable and polished but it is still far from a final version. The core structure and vision of the game is done but it needs more content.
The Beacon Alpha would entail:

2. Multiplayer: You’ll be able to play co-op with other players and enjoy a shared Homestead Mode experience.

You arrive in a dangerous, faraway land.

The city of Altaris has dispatched its citizens here on a mission. The Beacon that lies in the heart of the city is waning, its protection weakening. And so, you must help secure the resources needed to sustain it.

Settle down, make yourself at home, and start looking around
## The Beacon will offer players three (3) tiers of features.

1. **Free-to-play (F2P)**

The F2P tier gives players access to the game’s most fundamental gameplay — fight your way through dungeons full of monsters and other challenges. Players will be able to find and take home non-NFT character cosmetics and house decor. In addition, players will be eligible to win a subset of the token rewards and incentives.

2. **Paid character**

Players who have a paid character (paid players) will access everything that F2P players have, and more. A character purchase comes with a starting set of character cosmetics, house decor, and some quality-of-life benefits. Throughout gameplay, paid players will also be able to receive NFT character cosmetics and house decor. Paid players will also be eligible for showing up on the competitive leaderboard, and be eligible for all of the available rewards and incentives.

3. **Blessed character**

Players with a blessed character (blessed players) will access everything that paid players have. A blessed player will be able to mint a generation-0 pet during a Pets Mint event — having a pet in-game will increase a player’s potential in-game rewards. If a blessed player fails to mint a generation-0 pet during the minting event, they will lose their blessed status. Blessed players will also be given early access to The Beacon game and new releases.

How to operate Move with WASD/arrows
Cursor to specify attack direction.
Right click to charge attack
Left click for normal attack
Space to dash (use move key to control dash direction)

Genre: PvE, Action, Multiplayer, Rogue Lite
Compatibility : Browser, PC
Usage : Free to play
Release Date : 2023 alpha release
Status : Playable prototype
P2E : Supported
Language : English
Network: Arbitrum One
Distribution platform: Treasure
NFT: Character
Token : $MAGIC (Treasure platform token)
Marketplace : Internal Market
Provider/Developer : The Beacon
Partner : powered by Treasure.
Vison Papaer : https://shell-whip-bf9.notion.site/The-Beacon-Vision-Paper-3e756689c4e545a99332bb358fed8a8f

Pre Reservation Detail

Start at Alpha Launch [H2 2023]
Company The Beacon

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