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Gold Fever

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Start at: Q4 2021 - Early Access Beta

Number of pre-reserved.:8 peoples.

Category Game Status Work in progress


Gold Fever is a challenging free-to-play survival RPG hybrid that leverages the power of the blockchain to create a decentralised economy around its limited resources and various NFT items.
NGL is the crypto token of Gold Fever. It can be purchased from exchanges or mined in the game. You can transfer your tokens from the game to an outside wallet or directly to an exchange and transform them into cash.

Tokens are used to purchase in-game assets, cosmetics or they can be burned or temporarily locked for a period to obtain rights that will help you get discounts, VIP Access, Rare Items, and more…

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Start at Q4 2021 - Early Access Beta
Landing Page https://goldfever.io/
Company Gold Fever Corp
Number of pre-reserved.

8 peoples.

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