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KIRAVΞRSΞ (Kiraverse) is an online multiplayer blockchain-based P2E game created with Unreal Engine 5. KIRA is a third-person shooter and starts with two game modes in Season 1: " The two game modes are "Elimination" and "Battle Royale. Players can acquire tokens to obtain, buy or rent characters, skins and weapons.

- NFT incorporation feature
3D avatars based on traditional NFTs can be created and played in the game. In the future, they will be transferable between other metaverses.

Genre: Battle Royale, Action, PvP
Compatibility : PC
Level of Use : Free for basic play
Release Date : February 1, 2023
Status : Open Beta
P2E : Supported
Language : English
Network : Immutable X
Distribution platform : Elixer
NFT : Characters, Weapons, Skins, etc. Premium Access
Marketplace : Internal (https://kiraverse.game/marketplace)
Provider/Developer : Param Labs
Partners : GameStop, ImmutableX
email to : press@paramlabs.io
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