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Koakuma is a look-down fantasy action MMORPG game that implements GameFi and allows players to earn a variety of digital assets while adventuring through the world. The game claims to offer a long-term gameplay-oriented experience with legendary equipment, mysterious dungeons, ancient treasures, discoveries, and challenges. The game is also designed to be fun in the way that traditional gamers are passionate about streaming and enjoyable as eSport.

The game allows players to explore the vast metaverse of the Raria continent, discovering and exploring legendary equipment, mysterious dungeons, ancient treasures, and more.
All items in the world are NFT and can be traded at the in-game auction house and trading floor.

Genre: Online, Action RPG, MMORPG
Compatible devices: PC, mobile
Fee: Free to Play
Release date: To be determined
Demo version: Closed beta
P2E: Supported
NFT:User craft NFT
Tokens: $KKMA (Governance Token) $BOD (In-Game Token)
Staking: Yes
Marketplace: Yes
Partners: POLYGON STUIDIO, etc.
Smart Contract Auditing: -Smart Contract Auditing: -Smart Contract Auditing: -Smart Contract Auditing
Developer: Koakuma Ltd.
email: admin@koakuma.io
LighttoPaper: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1hPYvpSYMGdhgCXoQ5j09v4753L4gS-J9/edit#slide=id.g13a97cf5936_0_139

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