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BLOCKLORDS is a player-driven MMO grand strategy game set in the Middle Ages. Players choose between NFT heroes-peasants, fighters, or bandits-and contribute to the development of their kingdoms. As their contributions increase, they may have the opportunity to become rulers.
All actions affect the player-owned world and economy in this game.

Players choose one of the NFT characters: farmer, fighter, or bandit. Farmers increase their crops and accumulate wealth. Thieves loot farmers and other assets to increase their wealth. Fighters are paid by the king to protect the peasants from bandits and maintain peace in their territories.
Players who increase their contributions and assets may earn the right to become lords and ladies, a role that includes collecting taxes and resources, paying knights and salaries, and managing and maintaining cities and infrastructure.
Since characters have only a limited lifespan, there is a "Dynasty" system that allows them to pass on their traits and abilities. You can pass on your assets to your children before you die.

Genre: Online, Strategy RPG, MMORPG
Compatibility: PC, Mobile
Usage fee: -$1.00
Release date: Undecided
Demo version:-
P2E: Supported
Scholarship: $
Tokens: $
Staking: Yes
Marketplace: Yes
Network: Immulatable X
Partners: AnimocaBrands and others
Smart Contract Auditing:-.
Provider: MetaKing Studios.
White paper: https://sugar-tithonia-e05.notion.site/BLOCKLORDS-Whitepaper-5fa6f33ad69e42c1ab93d1220c1cdc91

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Start at Free heroclaim is now available at BLOCKLOADS WEB site for pre-registration.
Landing Page https://blocklords.com/hero-sale/hero
Company MetaKing Studios

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