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GGGGGG is a game-linked collection NFT action game that allows players to cooperate and compete with other players through simple smartphone-compatible controls. Players can enjoy various battles such as "100-player battle royale," in which up to 100 players can enjoy simultaneous battles, and "dungeon attack," in which teams of up to four players can cooperate to advance.
NFT can change the appearance of your character, and the effects will change according to your battle history in the game; NFT does not affect your strength in the game.
NFTs do not affect in-game strength and can be MINT for free.

1, 100-player battle royale (solo/duo/squad)
2, Battle Royale (Solo/Duo/Squad)
 8-player PvP content
3、Dungeon attack (Solo - Squad)
 PvE playable by one person or in teams.
 The objective is to defeat monsters while protecting the princess and defeating bosses hidden deep in the dungeon.
4、Private match (solo to squad)

Genre: PVP, Action, Battle Royale
Models supported: Supported by
Fee: Free to play (with in-game purchases)
Release date: March 31, 2023 Simultaneous distribution in over 170 countries
Status: Under development
Languages: English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Korean
Network: Ethereum, ERC721
Distribution platforms: AppStore, Google Play
NFT: Skin
Guild function: -
Token: -
Public sales price: -

Scholarship: -
Staking: -
Scalarship: -
Lending : -
Trading: -
Synthetic functions: -
Marketplace: -
IEO : -
IDO : -
INO : -
Smart contract audit : -
Provider:Drecom Co.
Development Company: Drecom Co.. https://drecom.co.jp/
Partnerships : -
email: support@ggggg.game

©️Drecom Co.

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Start at March 31, 2023 Simultaneous distribution in over 170 countries
Company Drecom Co.,Ltd.

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