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"MUMMY" is a next-generation open-world multiplayer RPG game set in ancient Egypt. Players can fight, craft, earn tokens, and collect NFTs. The game runs on Unreal Engine 5, boasting high-quality graphics. The backdrop of the game involves an ancient conflict among the gods, which brought about a forced change in the direction of people's lives.

Faction Selection: Players can choose between the "Order" faction or the "Chaos" faction and fight for their chosen side.

Order: Under the wise and powerful leader Anubis, players embark on quests to restore the balance of the world.
Chaos: Under the fierce and cunning leader Set, players engage in battles to destroy the world and defeat their enemies.
Collaboration: By participating in the game's development, there's a chance to earn $MMY tokens. Additionally, there's a possibility for your name to be featured in the end-game credits.

Graphics: The game uses Unreal Engine 5, providing top-notch graphics.

◾️Basic Information:

Game Title: MUMMY
Genre: Open-world Action RPG
Supported Platforms: Windows
Release: 2023 Q3
Price: -
Status: -
P2E: available
Network: BNB, Polygon
Token: $MMY
Provider/Developer: Mummylabs, Mummy World Inc.

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Start at 2023Q3
Company Mummylabs
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