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De:Lithe Last Memories


De:Lithe Last Memories screen shot

De:Lithe Last Memories

De:Lithe Last Memories is a blockchain game based on the popular online RPG De:Lithe, which has over 7.77 million downloads since its launch.

Genre: Roguelike
Release date: 2024
Compatible devices:
Blockchain: Oasys
Development: enish, Inc.
Publishing: GeekOut PTE. LTD.

To show our utmost gratitude to everyone who is currently playing De:Lithe, we are planning to give out perks for playing the smartphone version at the start of the game.
We are also considering offering rewards based on each player's level of training and combat power.

Pre Reservation Detail

Start at Scheduled for release in summer 2022
Landing Page https://pltplace.io/title?id=3
Company enish,inc
Number of pre-reserved.

6 peoples.

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