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Gransaga: Unlimited is a new blockchain game-enabled MMORPG based on NPIXEL's online RPG "Gransaga".
Having entered into a partnership with L1 blockchain "Aptos," NPIXEL plans to service "GranSaga: Unlimited" through its own Web 3.0-based gaming ecosystem, METAPIXEL.

Genre: Online, MMORPG
Compatibility: -
Models Fees: -
Release: Within 2023
Status: Under development
P2E: Supported
Languages: -
Network: Aptos Network
Distribution platform: -
NFT: -
Public sales price: -
Guild functionality: -
Scholarship: -
Staking: -
Lending: -
Trading: -
Synthesis function: -
Marketplace: -
IEO : -
IDO : -
INO : -
Smart contract auditing : -
Development Company: NPIXEL Co., Ltd.
Partner: NPIXEL Co., Ltd.
■email: npixel@npixel.co.kr
Related URL
🌐 METAPIXEL Brand Site: https://www.metapixel.io/
🐦 METAPIXEL Twitter: https://twitter.com/metapixel
✍ METAPIXEL Medium: https://metapixelblog.medium.com/
💎 METAPIXEL Crew3: https://metapixel.crew3.xyz/questboard
🌌 METAPIXEL Galxe: https://galxe.com/metapixel

An Official Title Announcement OAT is available to celebrate the official title announcement of Gran Saga: Unlimited and the opening of the Discord. Free on-chain achievement tokens are being specially planned on GALXE as a memento for future METAPIXEL players. This campaign can be received by following Twitter, participating in discord, etc.
Period: 2023/01/03 08:00 UTC - 2023/01/17 08:00 UTC

Pre Reservation Detail

Start at Within 2023
Company NPIXEL Co., Ltd.

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